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Want to make 3d crystal sculptures a part of your business' offerings? Then you should become a 3dCrystalProcessing Partner today!


What is the 3dCrystalProcessing Partner Program?

Our program is a semi-private program (primarily by invitation) that creates a partnership between independent wedding / family photographers and 3dCrystalProcessing.com, to provide a unique and popular service to your customers in a way that provides you with all the advantages without any of the risks or investment required to add a new dimension to your business - not to mention profit!

How does the 3dCrystalProcessing.com Partner Program work?

When you join our program, you will have the ability to market our service as a part of YOUR business!  In fact, we operate almost like a department of your company.  When you generate interest, your client orders a personalized crystal from you at a price you have set.  Once you have been paid by your client, you process your order through our website at a substantial discount off our recommended price.  We create and ship the crystal directly to your customer, while you keep the difference in price.  It's that easy.  The customer perceives the service as an extension of your business (After all, they paid you, not us).  When they receive their crystal, the top line of the return address simply says, "Processing Department".

Benefits of the 3dCrystalProcessing.com Partner Program: 

  • Your business generates income with no additional warehousing costs or inventory expense.
  • Provide a unique, truly personalized gift perfect for any client.
  • Become partners with an industry leader in the personalized gifts industry.
  • 3dCrystalProcessing.com provides training for you and your staff on how to sell these items and provide a superior customer experience.
  • Industry leading discount of 45% off the recommended sales price.
  • There is no cost to participate in this program, eliminating any risk to you.
  • Six different ways to generate revenue and earn profits.
  • The added value to your business, just by having the ability to offer this service.
  • Regular promotional materials, special offers, and incentive programs to super-charge your sales success.
  • A free full back-office website to help you manage your sales activity.
  • Have our unique 3dCrystalProcessing.com photo crystals shipped directly to your customers – no warehousing, buying, or handling inventory. 

Ready to get started? Just click the button below, and complete the simple, no cost registration form to get started. Take part in this high-tech new form of photo-finishing and create memories for your clients that will be forever engraved in crystal. 

Who qualifies to be a 3dCrystalProcessing.com Partner?

Any independent photographer who has a solid business model, good reputation, and dedication to providing the most innovative new products to your clients. If you think that sounds like you and your company, click the button below and fill out the registration form to get started.  It's free, and there is never a monthly sales requirement.

Common Questions:

Q:  What’s the cost for this program?

A:  Currently, there is no cost to participate.  All crystals and illuminating bases are provided to you at a significant discount, so that you can generate revenue for your business just by offering them to your clients.

Q:  Is there a sales quota of any type?

A:  No.  You may participate as mildly or aggressively as you like.  Some businesses may sell 10 crystals per year; others may sell 10 per month.

Q:  What about a “demonstration” crystal to show potential clients?

A:  We recommend (but do not require) that you have one or two crystals available to show your past, current, and potential new clients, as it will significantly increase your sales.  There is a 55% discount on our “demo” crystals – 50% if you want a crystal created from one of your own photos.

Q:  How much is the partner discount?

A:  The current discount offered to our partners is 45% off all product prices, not including shipping costs or any applicable taxes.  Product pricing is based on average national market sales pricing.  You are free to set your prices any way you would like, but recommend that you use our pricing to begin with.

Q:  What type of support will you provide?

A:  We are easily accessible and will provide telephone and email support to you from 9am to 9pm Eastern, 7 days a week.  Also, common questions, issues, and resolutions will be listed in your Account “back office” for your viewing 24/7.  In addition, you will find in your back office, folders containing marketing and support materials as well as strategies that are working well for other photographers.

Q:  Should I be concerned that you might contact my clients?

A:  Rest easy, as we will not call, email, text, or communicate with your clients in any way.  We will never market to your clients or provide client information to ANY entity.  Your clients belong to you and you only; and we like it that way.

Q:  Can I sign up later?

A:  Sure, but you're here so why not take 2 minutes to join now?  At this moment, there is no cost to register, so you're not committing to any obligation and there is zero financial risk.  Others are coming on board, however, and once we have a reasonable number of partners, we may suspend our offer or charge for membership.  If you're still unsure, here's an idea: sign up now, and become active later!  Just click the button below and we'll handle the rest.

How long before I can submit orders?
Once you register, we can have you approved in 4 to 12 hours.  In other words, register for your account today, offer our products to your clients tomorrow.  If you have any questions, call us at 888-727-9372.